Pantera - The Best Of - Reinventing Hell

01 Cowboys From Hell (From 'Cowboys From Hell')
02 Domination (From 'Cowboys From Hell')
03 Cemetery Gates (From 'Cowboys From Hell')
04 Mouth For War (From 'Vulgar Display Of Power')
05 Walk (From 'Vulgar Display Of Power')
06 This Love (From 'Vulgar Display Of Power')
07 Fucking Hostile (From 'Vulgar Display Of Power')
08 Becoming (From 'Far Beyond Driven')
09 I'm Broken (From 'Far Beyond Driven')
10 5 Minutes Alone (From 'Far Beyond Driven')
11 Planet Caravan (From 'Far Beyond Driven')
12 Drag The Waters (From 'The Great Southern Trendkill')
13 Where You Come From (From 'Official Live- 101 Proof')
14 Revolution Is My Name (From 'Reinventing The Steel')
15 Immortally Insane (From The Original Soundtrack 'Heavy ...)
16 The Badge (From Original Soundtrack 'The Crow')



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